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How do you build a dropshipping store with fast shipping times (2019)

In the past few years dropshipping seems doesnt related with fast delivery due to the shipping cost concern and goods dropshipping strategy. But now it is possible to ship worldwide, there are 3 tips to speed up the dropshipping delivery time.

The first one is to select supplier located in your country. Along with China cross border ecommerce thrived in the past few years, more and more suppliers moved their warehouse overseas in Japan, USA, Canada and other EU countries, once you select to dropship the from the suppliers who has warehouse in your country or near your country, the delivery will be faster.

The second one is try DHL and other courier service. Once you choose faster courier which means you should change totally different goods strategy, the goods on your store cannot be less than $20 as the shipping delivery fee is above $20, once you choose low value goods the shipping cost will be added into the goods price which eventually make your goods in-competitive. So more and more dropshipper starts to select goods with creative design, high tech and good material to select DHL and other courier service.

The third one is also practical. Compared to Aliexpress, more and more dropshipper turn to 1688 and taobao which are at least 10 times larger with lower price. They applied goods strategy I mentioned in the 2nd tips and wholesale from 1688 taobao to stock on the fulfillment agent warehouse. Once they have order the dropshipping fulfillment agent could help them ship immidiately.

All the methods mentioned above could help you speed up the delivery time for better user experience.

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