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Is it worth to set up an online shop with Shopify in 2022?

A good question! Shopify is a great tool to get started with e-commerce quickly and inexpensively. You can create a visually appealing, mobile responsive store in hours (or less), even if you have no skills in web design or development.

Shopify can be used for all kinds of e-commerce fulfillment models, but one that it is geared towards in particular is drop shipping.

People prefer to dropship with Shopify primarily for 3 reasons:

  • Shopify is extremely user friendly.
  • Shopify has great dropshipping automation.
  • Shopify has incredible training & resources.

    #1 - Shopify is user friendly.

    Shopify is what’s known as a “turnkey” e-commerce tool. That means you don’t need a technical background in coding or web design in order to create an online store with Shopify. Here is a YouTube video showing how you can create a functioning Shopify store with tips & Tricks.

    #2 - Shopify has great dropshipping automation.

    Shopify owns an application called Oberlo which integrates seamlessly with any dropshipper’s Shopify store. Oberlo allows you to search for dropshipping suppliers and add them to your store in just a few clicks. That means you can add sell-able products to your store in seconds! Furthermore, once an order is placed by your customer, it just requires a few more clicks in the Oberlo dashboard to fulfill the order. It’s one of the best time saving tools on the market for e-commerce entrepreneurs!

    #3 - Shopify has incredible training and resources

    Shopify is loaded with free resources for e-commerce entrepreneurs. The’r blog is one of the best in the business, and they offer many free courses, tools, and case studies that can get your business off the ground.

    We just scratched the surface today. If you want more detail & want to do any shopify task then Contact us Hopefully that helps!

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