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How do I boost a Shopify store product?

How can you generate more sales without having to spend more marketing budget? You can achieve this if you increase the conversion rate of your shop. The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors from the total number of visitors who achieve the desired goal. Typically, the conversion rate relates to the proportion of visitors who actually order from you in the shop.

The conversion rate is an important metric for online shop sellers, as it is an indicator of the effectiveness of your shop. If you manage to increase the conversion rate, you can generate more sales without increasing your marketing budget.

Well, of course, you can't increase the conversion rate without any work. There are several apps in the Shopify App Store that can help you increase the conversion rate of your shop.

1- Store website speed.

If your shop pages take longer than 2 seconds to load, the visitor will most likely lose interest. There are many studies that show that the longer a website takes to load, the higher the negative impact on the conversion rate of your shop. Quick solutions for you as a retailer: You have to test your speed.

2- Product page

Every page of your shop should have a clear goal. What should the visitor do when they come to your product page? Each page should have a clear main goal. In the case of the product page, this would be to click on the “Add to Cart” button. Your entire page should be focused and aligned with this main goal. Remember: The more call-to-actions and the more options a visitor has to do on a page, the more distracting the visitor can be - this in most cases leads to a lower conversion rate.

3- Good thought out product description with Images or Video.

A well-written description of the product is what visitors need to get an accurate picture or a video of the product and to know if it is what they need.

A good product description should contain three things:

· Provide all the necessary information for the visitor & potential customer that they need to make a purchase decision.

· It should use the language of your target group so that the visitors feel addressed and can identify with the product.

· It should always focus on the problem your visitor is facing and how your product can help him/her with it.

4- Think of offering free shipping.

Many visitors are demotivated and prevented from buying because of the high shipping costs. There are many online retailers who therefore offer free shipping.

You should also consider this approach for yourself and your Shopify shop. Because if you include the costs in the actual product price at the end, this does not have any financial differences for you, but can very well make a psychological difference for your customer.

A recommendation that we always give: Offer free shipping from a certain purchase value. In this way, you cannot only increase the conversion rate of your product but also your average shopping cart value.

5- Provide a point of contact with potential customers.

Make sure that you are easily available to your potential customers. Therefore, offer different ways to communicate with you, via email, chat, or phone. Even if they don't have to contact you, it will give them peace of mind that if something should go wrong they could easily get in touch with you and get the help they need. It is an important element to increase trust in your shop and take away the suspicion of the visitors.

6- Eliminate the doubts of potential customers.

Address your visitors' doubts and provide answers to the questions most frequently asked by visitors in all areas of your store. On the product page, you should address specific product and material questions on one hand, and also typical questions about the ordering process on the other hand. Most stores use a central point of contact for all questions - the FAQ. Some visitors shy away from contacting support directly or do not want to wait so long for a response. For them, such sections are essential. A well-organized and structured FAQ not only helps you to increase the conversion rate but also relieves your customer support and reduces the number of customer inquiries.

7- Ensure payment security and privacy

Always emphasize that the security and privacy of your visitors are important to you. The use and display of special trust symbols and awards, for example, SSL connection, protected checkout, which show your customers that your shop is secure and your payment interfaces are protected, is, therefore, a must if you do not want your conversion rate to suffer.

8- Provide multiple payment methods

One of the most common reasons why visitors abandon their purchase after checking out is the lack of preferred payment options. While Paypal is very common among younger customers, older customers often prefer more traditional payment methods such as purchase on account. So always keep in mind that each target group has different preferences for certain payment methods.

9- Emphasize the right to return

You should not only see your exchange terms as an annoying but necessary legal document but rather make sure that they are easy to understand. As a potential customer, I should be able to understand immediately whether and for how long I can return products in the event of exchange and what else I have to consider.

Until the moment you hold the product in your hands, you usually never know 100% whether the product is really how you imagine it. Such simply presented and processed information takes away my fear and increases trust in the shop.

Similar to SEO, with conversion rate you can never name the exact period of time how long it takes to increase the conversion rate by X%. Rather, it is a process that is continuous and thus manages to increase the conversion rate slowly but steadily over a certain period of time. There is also no single solution or adjustment that needs to be made.

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