How to remove watermark & Logo from Aliexpress products easily

Shopify dropshipping tricks for more sales in 2020

One of the biggest mistakes new Shopify dropshipping store owners makes involves over-optimizing the wrong things while forgetting a few of the essentials.

here we will break down the Shopify tips that will help you to grow your dropshipping business. This Shopify Tips All New Store Owners Need to Know.

Remove logos with the draw tool
Using Shopify, you can now draw on your product photos. A handy way to use this feature would be to remove logos from your photos. As you can see the photo on the screen, here has a watermark. You can clearly see that the line is broken and this was done by using the white brush to remove part of the watermark. If you have a logo on your white background photo, using the white brush can be a handy way to easily remove the logo.. ( here we made these videos how to remove logos and watermarks )


Add all your policies to the footer
One of the biggest things new store owners forget to do is add policies to their website. Often, when customers browse websites, they want to look at the return policies to ensure that they can get a refund in case products are defective. Policies also add an element of legitimacy to your website. It helps build trust.

Fortunately, you don’t need to manually create your own policies from scratch. You can take or modify the ones in your Shopify admin. However, keep in mind, that you’ll be required to follow the policies on your website. If you accept refunds in your policies, then you also need to accept refunds when a customer asks for it.

Update your product inventory monthly
we strongly recommend you as a newbie use oberlo. it's the best dropshipping tool and easy to use. With Oberlo’s one-click product import, people often get a bit eager and add hundreds of products in one go.
So, let’s slow down a bit.
Focus on adding less than 25 products to your online store on your first day. I know how tempting it is to add them all but you’ll be more likely to succeed if you focus on a smaller batch first.
Then, every week or every month, depending on how much time you have to work on your store, add a bunch of new products.
So as an online retailer, create a schedule for how often you can manage to add new products. If you can do one new product a day – great. If you can only do 25 products a month – also great. But try to maintain a schedule that you can keep over the long-term to benefit from organic search traffic.

Always test your store’s mobile settings
Before you run your first ad campaign, you need to double-check to see what your website looks like on mobile. For example, when you create an ad, not everyone will view the website on their laptop. Some might see the ad on their phone or tablet.
Sometimes, when looking over your website on a different device you might notice that images aren’t resized properly. By knowing that the model’s face in the picture is cut off, you might choose to crop the picture differently so that it appears in the same format as the desktop version.
To test on mobile, all you need to do is visit your website on your phone or tablet. Browse every page of your website and look for cut-off pictures, hidden calls to action, and monitor how much scrolling you need to do on each page.

Install ready-made products on your store

If you’ve just signed up for Shopify or are thinking of signing up for Shopify, you might not know what to sell. Some Shopify store owners sell unique products that they create themselves. Other online retailers purchase bulk inventory at wholesale prices. You can also create print on demand products which allow you to customize your own products. And with Oberlo (that’s us) you can browse millions of products that you can start selling the same day without having to buy inventory.
The fastest way to start an online store is to sell proven products. Using Oberlo, you can browse products by viewing order volume to determine the product’s popularity. You can also view trending products to find the best-selling products right now. By selling proven products instead of trying to create your own, you give yourself a head start to success.
The cool thing about selling products found on Oberlo is that you don’t need to buy inventory up front. You only pay for the product once the product is sold to a real, paying customer. This helps keep your startup costs low making it a bit more affordable for the average person to start a business.

Create a Brand  logo
most of the time when we look at a new store’s logo, it’s always a plain text, we strongly recomend add a logo for your online store it is very helpfull thing for grow your online business and branding. you can use the logo on your facebook page, instagram,and others social media. it will really help you to do branding.

10. allawys try to add a customer support mail on your store, and sometimes you can add a support chat option on your store . It will help you to build customer trust. try to add all social links on your shopify store

These Shopify tips will help you simplify the process of running your online store. By trying out some of these tips on your Shopify store, you’ll be able to build the right foundation to help set you up for success.

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