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How do you prefer & promote your Shopify store to market?

some store owners were struggling with their first Shopify store in the first year after launching. They have no skills and experience. They tried everything they could to promote their online store from email marketing, website design, social media, community,… 
But I’ve been store owners for 3 years now. There are a few personal tips I can share with you. I see lots of people seems discouraged about starting up their first store... You'll never learn enough to start your store until you start it for real. 
Video streaming + retargeting was my strategy, most of my conversion comes from my retargeting ads. And catchy video streaming is the best way to promote an online store. Trust me. I make videos for my grand opening, introduce new products, unveiling new campaign,…and the impact is unbelievable. 
Some tips you can learn from this article are: 
  • Live video streaming for a grand opening, new products,…
  • Word-of-mouth marketing - a crazy popular tip but not everyone knows how to do it right :))
  • Build a mobile shopping app
  • Retargeting
  • Voice browsing, voice purchasing
  • Social media
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But this is not a step by step guide. You also can learn the details on Neil Patel, Shopify blog,…It’s not hard to become a savvy online seller on Shopify :) 


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